Founding Engineer

As a founding member of the engineering team you’ll have incredible influence in establishing the culture, processes, and tools that will be used.

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InkWorks is reimagining the future of work for commercial printers. We are a B2B vertical SaaS company backed by top tier VC investors focused on disrupting the print industry, and are developing a customer and revenue engine that brings print productivity software into the 21st century. Our software streamlines customer quoting and order workflows, improves internal and external collaboration, and enables printers to generate more business and improve customer satisfaction.


We are looking for a Founding Engineer who wants to get in on the ground floor of an early stage startup. As the first member of the engineering team you’ll have an incredible influence in establishing the culture, processes, and tools that will be used.

You are someone who has previously built products and implemented features end-to-end, worked with product and design teams to create thoughtful user interfaces, and are interested in working with modern tools and frameworks. You’re able to prioritize the appropriate engineering tradeoffs and are comfortable pushing back and explaining the tradeoffs between various options.

You will work on interesting features such as quote building and estimation, customer order management, material and product pricing, payments, reporting and analytics, and more. If you enjoy taking on new challenges and responsibility, have lots of ideas for improving product & process, and have thought about taking on an early role in a company, this role could be for you!


You’ll be directly involved in making decisions on the tech stack and architecture. Our architecture is based on RedwoodJS (ReactJS, GraphQL, NodeJS and Prisma) in TypeScript. Beyond that we’ll want to make decisions for the right tooling for deployments, observability, versioning, automation, and more.


  • An opportunity to play a founding role at an early stage startup.
  • Competitive pay - $125,000/yr - $160,000/yr with up to 1% equity, based on experience and interview performance.
  • Full medical, dental, and vision benefits.
  • Flexibility in work hours and location to enable you to bring your best self.
  • Equipment budget and a brand new Macbook Pro.
  • We'll also invest in your continued learning and development.
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  • 3-5 years of experience implementing delightful experiences with ReactJS.
  • Familiar with NodeJS and Typescript.
  • Experience implementing GraphQL and deploying in a cloud platform.
  • Knowledge of a relational, document-base or distributed database.
  • Familiarity with CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code tools such as CircleCI, Terraform or
  • Understanding of web development concepts and principles with good intuition for web and API development.

Also, you:

  • Are excited about starting a new app from scratch, choose the tools, frameworks and libraries that will be part of the core of our product.
  • Like creating features quickly and with little input, and iterating on them based on data.
  • Have a growth mindset and enjoy learning things, accepting new challenges and empowering your teammates.
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  • Become familiar with the commercial print industry and our customers’ journey.
  • Get introduced to RedwoodJS concepts.
  • Help spec and start building the product features of our initial MVP.


  • Participate in the product development process and ship your first release to our early customers.
  • Work at all levels of the stack, from cloud deployment and backend, Node.js to React.
  • Be responsible for and own major feature areas of the application.
  • Assist with interviewing and hiring to grow the engineering team and define the culture.


  • Have made a visible impact on the product for all the users of InkWorks.
  • Contribute to the architecture and implementation choices of projects across engineering to ensure that decisions are in line with supporting our future growth.
  • Work with the product and engineering team to establish the priorities for the next year.
  • Take complete ownership of new features: be responsible for the planning, scoping, design, and implementation.
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